Sonic’s redemption

Who was to say that a movie would change like Sonic did? In April, when we saw the first trailer of the Sonic movie, we couldn’t believe our eyes: the CGI animation was terribly wrong, the game character, a hedgehog, was made humanoid and the facial expressions had nothing in common with the SEGA videogame icon, and met with the disappointment of the fans, gamers and public in general.

Given that, the fan-base made a bitter outcry over the internet, and the director’s movie had to listen. The message was loud and clear (as he said), and the hedgehog was about to change its entire design. Therefore, it seems it was already late for that, but now, Paramount presented the new trailer, and the change is notable.

Firstly, the character was completely changed indeed, and from my personal point of view, that was the biggest success. Moreover, the sense of humor showed in this new trailer opened us new perspectives. Maybe it was the hideous design of the first hedgehog that prevented me from seeing that, but now I could be aware of the witty characters and Sonic’s humor. Besides, Jim Carrey as Dr. Eggman is hilarious and the action scenes seem better.

To sum up, now there are many reasons for me to see Sonic at the big screen. It should be noted that a big filming studio listened to the public: the production made a huge change when the movie was practically finished, and the director was smart to foresee the negative outcome. We have to wait a few months (finally!) to find out if the change did worth it.


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